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and yes, even wet snow wednesday afternoon and wednesday night. here is the system right now. still overland. does not become a noreaster until it gets off shore. right now just some light rain through kentucky and tennessee and back into the southeast. and that is going to roll off the coast tomorrow night. and then become a noreaster. temperatures are getting cold. in the 30s across most of the suburbs. 37. 39 in leesburg. the ground will be cooling a little bit. 43 and 44 downtown. welcome back and talk about freeze warnings and more about battleground election weather as well. >> now that you mention it, out on the campaign trail, top voting starts in less than 12 hours. president obama and mitt romney are spending these final moments pounding the swing states. mr. obama trying to sway the undecided in wisconsin, iowa and ohio. the president says he deserves four more years because he is the true candidate
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of change. >> governor romney is a talented sales man. and in this campaign he's tried as hard as he can. >> democrats countered with vice president joe biden in sterling. bruce with more on that. >> one more day roared thousands of romney supporters into the patriot center. thousands more circled outside unable to get in. >> if anyone out there following american politics wants to know where the energy is, come in this room. >> the romney campaign insists shows that will bring a route on tuesday. the campaign has a hard time pointing to any polls that track that. >> we thank you and ask you to stay with it all the way until we win tomorrow night. >> we need you virginia.
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with your help, we will win virginia. we win virginia, we win this election. >> joe biden spoke to a much smaller but no lessen enthuse crowd. itas mr. obama who delivered his final preelection speech. this year virginia had to make do. >> there is no quit in america and never has been. >> romney hits four states and just added two more on election day. ohio and pennsylvania. a last minute effort to broaden the battleground. romney's closing argument that his victory will bring real change from day 1. and president obama has failed to deliver. >> you hope president obama would live up to his promise to bring people together. he hasn't. i will. >> 9news now.
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>> in most of the national polls, the candidates are in nearly a dead heat. obama leads romney 48.8% to 48.1%. >> bruce johnson. four years ago when obama became the first african american to win the white house, the crowds on the street erupted and the celebrations went well into the night. >> also had to do with being able to exhale. we were done with bush. >> thousands will gather tomorrow in the restaurant to watch the results. >> i think we'll be prepared to make our toast at around 10:30, 11:00. >> other supporters are hopeful than confident >> if the younger americans don't show up to vote, then i believe that romney has a good chance. >> obama is still by far the favorite over mitt romney. >> electoral college the number of votes he will get i'm predicting he'll easily surpass
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300. >> the support for the republican candidate as well and some undecided voters. >> consider this, right now there's a father and daughter in here. she's for romney, he's for obama. so much abstention in the family, won't go on camera. >> question tonight is will there be lots of celebration tomorrow or some mourning? >> that is the question. businesses in our area and all over the country are doing their part to get folks to come out and vote. some shops are giving away all sorts of free stuff just to get you to come in and spend money. business owners need to know experts point out it is illegal to offer up any sort of free stuff in exchange to have people vote in federal elections. the polls are open tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. in virginia it's 6 to 7 p.m. and all you need to know about
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the local candidates and the ballot questions at click on campaign 2012. on now to the continuing aftermath of super storm sandy. where victims in the heavily damaged parts in the northeast are keeping their eyes on the storm. a week after sandy, more than a million people in new york and new jersey are still in the dark tonight. there are gas shortages, mass transit problems and gridlocked traffic and the residents are just trying to get on with their lives. at least 110 people have died. and 40,000 in new york city are now homeless all as a result of sandy. >> meantime folks right here are continuing their part to help victims of the hurricane. in virginia, hundreds of aol employees loaded up an 18 wheeler with food, water and other socials. and fairfax, virginia, about 150 volunteers were putting together 10,000 ready to eat meals. >> i really believe that, you
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know, bringing the community together like this, we can change the world with little acts of generosity like this. >> the meals from that food drive will soon be sent to the salvation army in new york. now we're talking redskins. if you thought these first 9 weeks were rough, wait for the next 7. the redskins have five divisional games left to pla and the coach disappointed with the team's performance yesterday against a weak carolina team. they got embarrassed at home against a team that's only won one other game. in yesterday's press conference shanahan said quote now you are playing who obviously is going to be on your team for years to come. end of quote. those comments got folks wondering is he throwing in the towel? now shanahan says he was misunderstood. >> when you talk about five games in the nfc east and two in the afc, we're just starting our tour.
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just to think that we would play young players or suggest we play young players and the season is over is ludicrous. >> maybe. we want to know what you think. is it time for the redskins to start focusing on next year or is there time for playoff push or a push for respectability? send us an e-mail. and some of your comments may make the air tomorrow. >> investigators right now combing through the database trying to find the identity of a badly decomposed body. that body had been there for a while. can't even tell the person's race or gender. the death is considered suspicious. still ahead, the fall back fall out. metro apologizes for messing up this past weekend during the time change overnight. plus, america's obesity epidemic. how some over weight women are going under the knife.
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increase chances of getting pregnant. and right after the break, serial arsonists torch more than a dozen cars all over prince georges county.
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if you got just a little confused about the time during the early morning hours sunday, that's the day we set our clocks back. you are not alone. metro apologizing for shutting down service for what was 2:00 a.m. enstead of 3:00 a.m. the agency says it is sorry for any inconvenience to its customers. . >> it went up in flames and saw two bodies run. >> caught on tape, two serial arsonists torching a car. the blaze is one of 16 car fires investigators say have been set by this duo. vincent white snapped this picture has his 91 acura went up in flames. that was a security camera which
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recorded the whole thing. >> unclear what the motive is. we may not know until we make an arrest. >> mark brady with the fire department says those fires are concentrated around central and northern parts of the county. so far, they appear to be random. pretty chilly out there for most of us. here's a live look outside right now. clear skies. cold temperatures. top per is here in a minute to tell us about the full forecast. and right after the break, how some over weight women are taking drastic action. they want to have kids and prepared to go under the knife to do it.
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in tonight's health alert, america's obesity epidemic. a growing number of over weight women are struggling to get pregnant. but many of these women are now going under the knife to boost their chances. >> dreamed about being a mom. but 7 years ago it didn't seem possible. she weighed 340 pounds. high blood pressure and prediabetic. her doctor gave her devastating news. >> the chances of me conceiving naturally would be very slim. practically impossible. >> the 33-year-old said that was her wake up call. that's when i started researching weight loss surgery. >> a growing number of obese
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women are reporting to surgery to help fertility. >> having excess fat changes the concentration of the hormones that actually regulate menstruation and ovulation. >> doctors say losing 10% of body weight could help increase fertility and pregnancy complications. >> there's a higher chance of miscarriage. higher chance of higher weight baby secondary to gestational diabetes. >> she lost 66 pounds 6 months after surgery. and got a big surprise. >> yes, i was pregnant. >> she now has two boys and weighs 160 pounds. >> if someone would have told me then that this would be my life now, i would have laughed in their faces. >> she says she's happy with her weight and happier with her
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family. cbs news, new york. >> surgeons stress it's very important for you to do research and figure out which surgery is right for you. and whatever you choose, they say probably wait 12 to 18 months after the surgery before you get pregnant. >> incredible video for you out of washington state where a busted dam is turning roads into rivers. flooding 4 acres of houses, bodes, land. all cause the beaver thing went bad. >> that's not good. >> closer to home keeping an eye on the noreaster. and we have the man chief meteorologist topper shutt here now. >> talk about that and battleground weather. it's pretty quiet for election day. we get pretty big storms in november. let's start with the battleground states. nevada and colorado. and really can't ask for much better than this. 70s. reno. eli, 83
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and sunshine. sunshine and temperatures in the 60s. 65 in denver. a little different story up in the great lakes and back into iowa. nothing crazy bad. light rain or snow in wisconsin. rain. sunshine in sue city and clouds in des moines and temperatures mild. mid 50s for des moines. that's pretty nice. gorgeous in ohio. sunshine in the 40s. except for cincinnati, they'll be 53 with sunshine. gormg us in new hampshire. conforward about 43. now, we go down to virginia, north carolina. we're going to stay dry in virginia tomorrow. cool to theorth. low 50s in richmond . high clouds come in late. western north carolina could have rain come in just before the polls and still pretty mild.
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>> florida about what you'd expect. 60s for the north. 70s for orlando and 84 and probably dry in miami. live look outside. it's a cold night. 44 right now. most in the 30s already. dew points in the 20s. the pressure still rising at 30.14 inches of mercury. satellite picture radar combined. this is our storm and it is kind of little right now. this will move to a position off the southeast coast tomorrow night and off on wednesday. some models take it far enough east. we'll keep you posted. a storm will develop and add insulto injury in northern new jersey and long island. we are clear and because of that it's falling like a rock. temperatures 39 in great falls. 37 in vienna and fairfax. down to 41 in college park. 36 out
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in latensville. noreaster develops and could affect us wednesday afternoon. wednesday morning is safe no matter which way the track takes it. next three days, quiet and cool. our 9 weather alert. green on tuesday. but yellow on wednesday and thursday. 45. a snowflake wednesday afternoon and everything ends thursday afternoon. and then it's sort of neat, in the wake of the system, milder. we're going to be 60 on friday. mid 60s with sunshine on saturday. we'll be near 70 on sunday. and more showers and still in the low 60s on monday. very happy with the weekend weather. let us hope it stays that way. let's get to tonight's weird news file. a few good men to wrangle up 20 escaped horses. >> every one of them is catchable. but it takes a good person who is good with horses.
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if you are truly good with horses and you want to join us, you are welcome to join us but you better with good with horses. >> i think you better with good with horses. that's a desperate plea though whose animals escaped from the barn earlier today. the horses spotted around town. 18 of the 20 had been caught. apparently there are guys out there who are good with horses. >> we're back after this.
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in the mail bag tonight, the disappointment washington redskins after losing bad yesterday. the coach seemed to be saying now that guys are playing for their jobs next year which should took to mean he'd already given up on this season. he denied it but too late. the wusa 9 facebook page already blowing up. frank says coach is
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absolutely right. he's 100% correct with 3 and 6 with 7 games to go. we'd have to go 6 and 1 and that's not close to realistic in order to make the playoffs. what's next? find out who wants to be here. on that performance yesterday, i'd say no one from the d side wants to be here. but bill says the fans ought to be doing evaluating of their own. as long as the sheep continue to lose 70% of the games, the redskins will never be good. get a hope or go to early dinner at the dc water front on sunday. no way. real fans have not given up on our team. we're just really frustrated. and don marie says so is mike shanahan. i think shanahan misspoke out of frustration and every right to feel that way just not publically. watching that game yesterday we should have won. shanahan knew that as well. topnotch coach. just need to iron out the kinks.
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rebuilding a team takes time. 11 years ago they were terrible. you can't rub a lamp and make three wishes come true. it takes time. ay. wish number 1 more play making receivers. two, better backs. redskins are all better now. i wish. i also wish for more e-mail. that's our broadcast. i'll be right back here at 11:00. see you then. bye-bye.
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kirstie alley's most personal interview yet about the baby she lost. >> when your doctor said, kirstie, your baby has no heartbeat -- >> i had no heartbeat. >> the dancing all-star opens up to "e.t." first about her miscarriage and cheating on her husband. >> kirstie alley is a cheater? >> what i did is worse than cheating. >> did she have a love affair with patrick swayze. >> i will forever be happy. >> how did the hurricane affect the balgtz for the white house? >> there is the drama. >> we're behind the scenes at the networks today. plus where will the first lady watch the results? >> just a little too stressful. >> how the stars are reaching out to the superstorm victims. >> it's devastating. >> the emotional primetime telethon.

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